Owners Zone Emails

NSII Custom Archtop Guitar

Kevin, I've had my guitar for almost six months now and I wanted to check in and let you know how we're doing. Every day I am still amazed that this guitar belongs to me. It is everything I knew it would be and more. The custom inlay work you did is perfect from the fret markers to the tail piece. The woods you selected and the abalone work so well  together. It is a truly beautiful guitar.

The feel and sound are exactly what I wanted with perfect playability and beautiful warm tone for blues and jazz and if I add some overdrive she's a killer. The pickups we chose are just right and the coil tap gives me so many options. Thanks again for your input during the design phase at the beginning. I counted over one hundred e-mails sent between the two of us during the whole project and the progress photos were awesome! I hope we can plan another project in the future. God bless, Charles F. Arnold III

J2 Handmade Archtop Guitar

Hi Kevin – it's Larry, I can see God’s hands all over this. I was in tears when I opened the case. God Bless you, it's just better than I could even imagine. And I finally get an opportunity here to sit down play. I’m so incredibly blessed with meeting so many people like you. It's Gods work. Jesus was a carpenter and created with his hands. Boy, I can see a lot of that DNA in your work, Sir. It's just beautiful, and thank you so much!!