All my inlay jobs are done by hand. From the drafting and design, the selection of materials, the cutting and filing of the pieces to the inlaying in the wood – I do it all by hand. Some inlay requests can become fairly elaborate. These require significant amounts of my time, attention and creativity. Generally, I work off of some conceptual idea that we’ve discussed.

The creativity usually starts to flow once we open up the dialog. Most of the time these ideas are developed from something personally significance to the customer. Maybe it’s something they do for work, a love interest or an important hobby. From those ideas, I’ll do drawings and try to get most of the ideas to paper. Once we’re both happy I will start on the inlays. Pricing inlay is subjective to my time and attention. Contact me for a detailed quote.

Photo Collage

inlaid woman guitar inalid dog guitar
inlaid pets headstock inlaid jungle guitar
inlaid butterfly headstock inlaid pattern guitar
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