Meet the Builder

August 2008

Greetings fellow guitar lovers:

Hey dudes! I kind of lost track of time so July and August are being posted at the same time.

My son and I are busy sheet rocking my new shop. I can't wait until it is done. Or as done as I can get it now.

I will have two new acoustic proto type guitars done in October…both will be in my display and totally for sale. In October I will have them on the site.

The acoustics will be very modern and very alternative both in their sound and their appearance. I personally CAN NOT WAIT to get them done. This is a great new challenge that I am really getting into and things are going great. The sound is really thick, and I have a great even bass coming from these protos. I will be offering the traditional X braced version, a lattice version (coming after October) and a new design in the bracing that I am not going to discuss here until I can get it patented.

I will release more details as the models get introduced in October. Please come back to the site at that time and check them out. I will be showing them at the Arlington, TX Guitar Show in October. Come and see them if you can.

So this fall I will be busier than a one legged guy in a butt kicking contest trying to stay on top of my orders, work on the proto acoustics and get my building ready – before it snows (I don't even want to think about snow or this winter).

I hope your summer has been going great and if it has been going anything like mine – it has been going very fast. So until next time, keep dreaming and follow that dream, and it may come to pass.


Until September,

Peace and God Bless.

Kevin L. Pederson


kevin pederson

kevin with custom archtop  

July 2008

Greetings fellow guitar lovers:

July is flying by, the year is half over and time just flies by. Another summer is almost over here in Iowa. It is warm out and we are just getting into the "dog days" of summer. I don"t know about you guys, but I am getting sick of the election coverage…there should be 10 debates starting about two months before the election and then we decide the best candidate on what they discuss in the debates. I wish it were that easy.

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well. I am 100% the owner of my two buildings that I mentioned in the June blog. The sheet rock supplies, insulation and boards have all been delivered to my little shop. So in August my oldest boy and I will be sheet rocking the inside getting ready for the winter coming up. I will take some pictures of my new building and put them in the shop tour so that you can click through them and see the inside. It will be a while before I can fully stock it, but ya gotta start somewhere.

My new acoustic guitar line will be out soon and I just wanted to let you know that I will revamp my acoustic page at that time. Then I will be running some acoustic ads in Acoustic Guitar Mag…that can be expensive so I will do what I can. I also will continue to attend guitar shows. I will have two acoustic protos done for the October Arlington, TX guitar show. They will be the ultimate in modern/alternative acoustic design. Many say they have something "unique" but I will back it up with these babies. They are going to be awesome and my goal, as always, is to blow you away as the customer.

I am also going to run a few other guitar specials on the electric side of things. More later and keep checking back at the website for updates and new models coming soon!!!

Until August,

Peace and God Bless.

Kevin L. Pederson

June 2008

Greetings fellow guitar lovers:

I am going to run a special price on my NSII Double Cut Away Standard Guitar for one month (30 days), as of June 15 - July 15 for $3999.00 each. Always still hand made. Specifications are limited to what is listed under Standard Electric. My custom base price for now is $5500. All personal requests are considered custom and I would be happy to fulfill your custom needs.

For a long time I have been on the prowl for a building that would suit my needs. My wife and I had two or three opportunities fall through on us that would have worked great; but looking ahead it is finally coming to fruition. As of this writing I am about 90% sure on this building. It is here in Forest City and actually there are two buildings on the property. One is 18' X 40' (west building) and the other is 26' X 48' (east building); so I should have no problems with the "extra" room. On the property are many little bushes and trees because the guy who owned it before me planted all those things. I appreciate all the plants and animals around so I am going to leave them just as they are. There are lots of rabbits and squirrels running around.

This is a big step for me and I want to thank all my customers for their support in buying from a hand-builder instead of the corporate makers. I will continue to put the effort, time and commitment into each one of your orders. I am proud of the fact that I strive to make each and every guitar better than the last one. My commitment is still to the player/buyer/collector who wants a completely hand made highly valued custom guitar – and to continue to learn, improve and hone my craft. I make highly customized guitars for people who want stand out among the status quo.


1) Made to order.
2) Specializing in the making or selling of made-to-order goods: a custom tailor.

Which brings me to my next topic. Endorsements. From time to time people call me and are interested in an endorsement, which usually means to them, a free guitar. Although I am flattered by their request, I make each and every guitar by hand (I mean literally – many people use this term very loosely) one at a time, custom, for paying clients. I wanted to share this with you so you understood my position on endorsements. Our focus is on building high quality custom guitars for clientele spending their hard earned dollars.

Thanks for listening.

Until July,

Peace and God Bless.

Kevin L. Pederson


pederson custom guitar shop

Future home of Pederson Custom Guitars


standard electric guitar

NSII Standard Electric Guitar

custom guitar with inlay  

May 2008

Greetings! How is everyone doing? Spring has sprung and the kids are in the park, the walkers and joggers are out and Melinda and I are starting our summer walks here in Forest City to burn a few extra calories and clear our heads.

This is the very first installment of what we have titled 'Meet the Builder'. Here we will discuss various topics and try to keep in touch with you guys a little more from month to month. I am not really a writer or an editor, so I will just do my best to keep this interesting when covering a particular subject. There are not any big plans to be specific about something – just keep you guys up to speed on what is going around here. Other times we may have a single topic to discuss.

First, I want to brief you on the name change from Abyss Guitar Company to Pederson Custom We decided that the time was right for me to market my personal name due to the boutique nature of the guitars I build; and since I literally hand make each guitar, I thought using my personal name would really highlight the 'hand builder' side of my business more so than the more "corporate" sounding Abyss name. This will be a slow change and I will refer to 'Abyss' Guitars in phone calls and all the accounts I have previously held with case manufactures and parts distributors. Plus, the Limited Edition guitars are not all sold out and the remainder will be titled 'Abyss Guitars'. Those will definitely be collector items of significant value.

Second, my business focus in the future will be in arch top hollow body guitars, acoustic guitars and Presentation Elect guitars. All which are being received REALLY well. I am coming out with two or three new acoustic guitar designs. One will be really traditional in design and the other one will be pretty "modern/alternative".  I don't really have a name for them yet, but the first proto types are done and they are AWESOME to say the least. When they are ready to add to the site I will have the full details here. It will be soon, possibly October '08.

Also — we have the new '08 headstock, and that will be on all Pederson Custom Guitars from here on out (except where the other styles are model specific i.e. the J2); unless you request a change. I don't recommend that, because we both benefit from people "recognizing" the guitar — but for the most part, I am willing to build what you are willing to pay for.

Lastly, I want to highlight the NEW Drea Armani 15" Modern/Alternative Jazz/Rock guitar. This model took about a year to develop and the engineering in this guitar is pretty inventive. I love these kind of challenges and look forward to meeting your requirements with this guitar. It was design for pristine clean but can rock a little too. If you are looking for a super awesome and very modern styled guitar, check out the Drea Armani.

Have a great time and until next time,

Peace and God Bless.

Kevin L. Pederson