Our Mission

Purchasing a custom luthier-built guitar can be the dream and experience of a lifetime.

I consider myself a “luthier artist.” I do inlay art on guitars, but I am a luthier first and foremost. I make FINE HAND CRAFTED instruments, principally guitars and basses.

These instruments are fully custom, handmade and from the ground up. I use no CNC machinery and no pre-made parts. Every instrument is one of a kind. From the drafting and design, to the wood selection of materials, to the cutting and fitting of the pieces — it is all done by hand, by me.

My guitars are for all types of players and collectors. Your skill level as a player doesn’t matter. This will be a guitar exclusively created for you to enjoy your creative musical philosophies and art expressions.

I am a one-man shop each and every guitar is created on an individual basis for you. This allows me to focus my time and talent on your guitar buying desires and requests.

Contact me to discuss your dream guitar. Together, we’ll make a guitar you can enjoy playing the rest of your life. Call me today at 641-590-2593.