Complimentary Leopard Headstock Inlay

leopard inlay

I’m offering a leopard engraved inlay on the headstock of all my guitars in the next 12 months for no charge on any of my models (no other substitutions). Every order placed prior to April 4, 2016, will be eligible for a "builder's choice" high definition engraved leopard on the headstock (if you prefer not to have it, I will leave it off).

A leopard is fairly neutral thing so it can appeal to a wide range of people. They allow for such cool details in the eyes, the individual hairs, and even the way it is crouched or positioned. This detail will be engraved onto the inlay pieces making them high definition. From my guitar styling to the exotic woods I’ve been using and now to include expansion to my custom inlays, my goal is to get the best of my abilities out there in a package deal. These leopards will denote a small run of guitars in my life as a builder; they will be very unique pieces, and will be an amazing addition to your guitar. This is a great opportunity to get a very unique instrument added to your guitar collection and something you will really be proud to own and show off.

Order your custom Pederson guitar today and take advantage of this amazing upgrade.