J2 Arch Top Guitar

The Pederson J2 Arch Top guitar is a 13" lower bout jazz/rock hollow body guitar.  To gets its ‘infinite sustain and big open sound’ we use Select Koa for the top, back and sides on this model.  This guitar is constructed much like an acoustic with bent sides, a head block, a tail block and a separate back and top plate. The J2 BACK is specifically engineered to be active and responsive in its output.  The J2 top is Select koa and carved to specifications that allow maximum tonality, sustain and resonance. 
The J2 has a NEW engineered tailpiece and NEW Patent Pending Adjustable Bone Saddles.  With the new bridge and bone saddles there will be improved Sustain, Resonance and Tone.  The new bone saddles balance the string pressure out at two points on the saddle producing a real ‘organic’ and woody tone.  There is improved tone across the low, mid and high frequencies.  You can now have both the boutique bone tone AND adjust the saddles (for intonation) during seasonal adjustments, or for desired action changes and different string gauges.

Standard J2 Specifications  -  7900