Drea Armani Arch Top

The Pederson Drea Armani Arch Top guitar is a 15" lower bout jazz/rock hollow body guitar.  To gets its ‘maximum sustain and big open jazzy sound’ we use Select Walnut back and sides on this model (other options available).  This guitar is constructed much like an acoustic with bent sides, a head block, a tail block and a separate back and top plate. The Drea Armani back is specifically engineered to be active and responsive in its output.  The Drea Armani top is Spruce and carved to specifications that allow maximum tonality, sustain and resonance.

The Drea has a new engineered tailpiece and NEW US Patent no. 8,748,718 Adjustable Bone Saddles.  With the new bridge and bone saddles there will be improved Sustain, Resonance and Tone.  The new bone saddles balance the string pressure out at two points on the saddle producing a real ‘organic’ and woody tone.  There is improved tone across the low, mid and high frequencies.  You can now have both the boutique bone tone AND adjust the saddles (for intonation) during seasonal adjustments, or for desired action changes and different string gauges.

celebrating 20 years of pederson custom guitars

Customer email: “Hello Kevin, the guitar arrived yesterday safe and sound. You created an absolutely beautiful work of art, I love the guitar. I’m used to playing 16" and 17" jazz boxes with a 3" depth, so I have to adjust to the size, but it is a very comfortable body and the upper neck access is amazing. Your God given talents certainly are expressed in this instrument, you should be very proud.

“The playability is effortless and its response is immediate with beautiful tones for a thin body. I love the pieces of stock that you chose and the back match is perfect. I could go on and on with more praises, but I think you get the idea, I’m very happy with the result and maybe in the future we could develop another project. Thank you and May God Bless You. Kind Regards, Ernie”


Standard Drea Armani Specifications

  • 24 fret
  • Select Walnut Back, Sides
  • Spruce Top
  • Mahogany neck with walnut accent strip
  • Mother of pearl block inlay
  • NEW US Patent no. 8,748,718 Adjustable BONE Saddles
  • Ebony bridge
  • Ebony tailpiece
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony headstock overlay
  • Cream binding
  • b/w purflings
  • Modern styled f-hole
  • Dual humbuckers
  • Coil split wiring standard
  • Three pickup selector switch
  • Chrome hardware
  • Ameritage Case with Pederson Logo
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Prices & Upgrades

The reasons people are interested in my guitars are the high level of originality, innovation and customization that can be done over a wide range of styles — while maintaining a high level of quality and tone in these instruments.  Below are a few things to consider adding to your guitar to truly make it a “one in a million” piece of history — an heirloom quality guitar.  It’s this rarity that draws people to choose options like these for their treasure guitars. I’d consider some of these to be signatures of my guitars and significant to landing the guitar I build for you in the heirloom category.  I feel these are reasons why you’re here.

Exotic & Figured Woods

This is the ultimate way to upgrade your Pederson Custom Guitar. Some of the finest examples of nature’s greatest woods can be built into your custom guitar.

Custom Inlay

Your dream concepts of inlay can become a reality. I do all the inlay that you see on this site. I do it by hand because some things a machine just can’t do what hand crafted can do. Inlay is a great way to customize your Pederson Custom Guitar.

Abalone Binding

I will hand apply your chosen wood purflings and abalone bindings. This option should not be overlooked to highlight the figured and exotic woods you’ve chosen in wood upgrades.

Signature Neck Laminations

The sheer beauty of this option is reason enough to upgrade. We also gain stability and stiffness when laminating the neck shaft woods. I choose seasoned wood for your upgrades.

Neck Detail

This is definitely a signature feature on my guitars. I’ve seen some simpler things done before, such as rectangles or simple lines. However, I feel I’ve pushed the envelope on this feature. In person, these are impressive to see. Set yourself apart with this rarity! I believe it’s why you’re here.

Pricing Options

  • Details Coming Soon
Ready to build your dream guitar? Order your custom Drea Armani archtop guitar today.