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about our guitars

kevin l. pederson with hand made guitarMy name is Kevin L. Pederson, and I create each precision hand crafted guitar that comes out of Pederson Custom Guitars (formerly Abyss Guitar Company).

As you look around this site you will see some pretty cool guitars that I have had the honor to create for people. All kinds of guitars — arch top hollow bodies to master acoustics and each one are a custom hand made guitar, from scratch, from the ground up.

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words" — so a few pictures and some actual "hands on" player testimonials can become "priceless" for a truly interested person. A small handful of people can actually come here to check them out, but a huge majority — probably 90% of all the guitars on this site were sold and built for people, possibly like you, who didn't have that opportunity to come here first.

Read what these owners say and you will see the repeated feed back is "it was more than I expected" and "you answered me promptly" and "I just can't believe it" — feedback like that is what I strive for. I make every effort to meet the players demands, from both a collectors stand point to a purely gig playing musician …make no mistake — each and every one of these guitars are made to play and sound great first and look good second. And I might add — they look pretty awesome!!!

Consider this — it is going to be made for YOU. It's not "just a guitar you will buy"… it is being constructed FOR YOU!!

And my goal is for the next guitar to always be better than the previous one. Yours is next!

Don't be shy, just give me a call.


jim olson guitars

Jim Olson of James Olson Guitars and Kevin Pederson

A Trip to Visit Builder Friends

My October 2011 trip up to the Twin Cities was to see two of the premier hand builders of our time. Jim Olson of James Olson Guitars and Charlie Hoffman of Hoffman Guitars. Both were very hospitable and I really enjoyed my trip. To see how these guys worked and the effectiveness of what they do was astounding. Jim Olson uses a little more technology than Charlie, but I equally appreciated both their building finesse and the way each one does their respective jobs.

My first part of the day was to see Jim in Circle Pines. I debated whether I should take a guitar to show him because I didn't want to "market myself" to him when we are going to talk about his guitar and his shop. So, at the last minute, I brought the Garden Sonic with to show him — just in case. When we got there I left it in the car and asked him if that was ok that I'd brought up a guitar to show him.

He said "bring it in"… so I went back out to the car and brought it in. We then went upstairs to his upper room and he was telling us about his journey of building guitars and he paused mid-sentence when I opened the case to reveal the Garden Sonic. He said "wow that is a really nice guitar, with Leech-like inlays". He was impressed with the quality of the guitar and the inlay. I was very thankful to have the compliments given to me by such a modern contemporary master builder as Jim Olson. Upon leaving he said, "That is probably one of the nicest acoustics that anyone has brought up here to show me". To be frank, I had no idea this guitar was going to get the praise and reaction it did from James Olson… wow, it still makes the hair on my arm stand up now thinking about it.

charlie hoffman

Charles Hoffman of Hoffman Guitars and Kevin Pederson

Next we went across town to Minneapolis and met up with Charlie Hoffman. He showed me his processes and how he does things and it was impressive too. He has special cutter heads and jigs made for him by a local machinist. In our era, the innovation of the modern builder is unparalleled. It was a fun trip and I even got to meet Charlie's new pooch Nicholas. We had to run after this and I felt like I took up enough of their time. I was truly thankful to have this opportunity, and I'd apprentice with either guy if the opportunity ever worked out.

I do sell my acoustic guitars direct, just like Jim Olson and Charlie Hoffman, and I offer many options including inlay. Please have a look at my EVA-JM and EVA-UM and my new model, the EuphoricMojo. The Garden Sonic is an EVA-JM model with the Garden inlay on it. It is available for sale and I will entertain any reasonable offers. My "art guitars" and the new series 'Kevin L Pederson Master Brazilian Series' will be showcased soon. The inlay on them is totally custom and can be collaboration between you and me. In the Kevin L. Pederson Master Brazilian Series, I will be using Brazilian rosewood for pretty much the entire guitar, except the top and the bracing. The neck, the blocks, the linings will all be Brazilian Rosewood. There will be more detail about this in the coming weeks.


detailed guitar inlay

This guitar has been under development since 2007! I decided this last spring it was time to make this inlay a priority and bring this guitar to LIFE! It's going to become an EVA-JM guitar, and it's going to kick off my MASTER BRAZILIAN SERIES of guitars.

sinker rosewood

Back in '09 I had ordered two sinker redwood tops that are MAGNIFICENT and I was going to use one for this project. Being underwater for a century causes the minerals in the water to make the beautiful striping you see in the wood. They were cut and dried out and split open revealing that the glory of God DOES exists in nature. I also was looking for some amazing Brazilian Rosewood that would accompany this EPIC guitar and I did find some. I quickly snatched that up and filed it away in my shop.

brazilian rosewood

Every once in a while, I'd take those awesome pieces out to touch them and listen to their tap tones. The redwood top just has a bell like ring and great sustain. If you've ever rung a bell by your ear and listened to the fundamental note ring you will understand that same element going on in the wood top plate…it goes on and on…sustain. This redwood top rings, and sings, and rings and sings…it's going to be great guitar.

Since this is a Master Brazilian Series Guitar, most of it will be Brazilian Rosewood. So the neck, fingerboard, bridge, headstock overlay and tuner buttons will all be Brazilian Rosewood. I am going to do blue paua abalone binding around the perimeter of the guitar including the neck and headstock. The binding and bevels will be made from this beautiful pommel Indian Rosewood I came across. The overall hue of the guitar will be a beautiful dark coloring from the woods I've chosen, and the sounds and tones will be warm, responsive, inviting and pianoesque. And the sustain will be incredible.

last supper guitar neck inlay

The best part? IT'S AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE NOW! Join the Pederson Guitar journey! Contact us today for more details on the Last Supper guitar.

guitar show news

trying out a custom acousticPederson Custom Guitars has been on the road! In 2010, we attended the Newport Guitar Festival. We were excited to debut our latest archtop models, and found that players were equally enthused about our custom options. Take a peek at photos from the event.